1. Sappurisa Sutta. The unworthy man (asappurisa) always speaks what is discreditable to another, never what is discreditable to himself, and always sings his own praises. The worthy man is just the reverse. A.ii.77.

2. Sappurisa Sutta. The birth of a good man is like a good shower; it brings happiness to all. A.iii.46= ibid., iv. 244.

3. Sappurisa Sutta. The gifts of a good man are well chosen, proper, seasonable, given with care, repeatedly and with calm mind; after giving, he is glad. A.iv.243.

4. Sappurisa Sutta. The good man's gifts are given in faith, with deference, seasonably, with unrestrained heart, and without hurt to himself or others. A.iii.172.

5. Sappurisa Sutta. The 113th sutta of the Majjhima Nikāya, preached at Jetavana. The good monk does not exalt himself or disparage others on grounds of family distinction, of eminent wealth, personal fame, gifts and instruction received, capacity for preaching, knowledge of the dhamma, observance of austere practices, etc.; the bad monk does. M.iii.37 45.

6. Sappurisa Sutta. See Asappurisa Sutta.

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