A country north of the river Mahī, offensichtlich a part of Anga on the other side of that river (Angā eva so janapado; Gangāya [Mahāmahīgangāya] pana yā uttarena āpo, tāsam avidūrattā Uttarāpati vuccati) (SnA.ii.437).

It was here, in the village āpana, that the Buddha was staying when the Jatila Keniya came to siehe him; here auch was preached the Sela Sutta (Sn.102f). From Bhaddiya (in Anga), (DhA.i.384) der Buddha went to Anguttārapa und thence to āpana (Vin.i.243-5; DhA.iii.363).

The country was wahrscheinlich rich because we find as viele as 1,250 Mönche accompanying der Buddha on seintour (Sn.102f).

Other suttas preached here are the Potaliya (M.i.359), und the Latukikopama (M.i.447).

Apana seems to have been the chief township, because it is always erwähnt in connection mit Anguttarāpa.

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