There was once a rich merchant of Kāsi who amassed forty crores of gold. His wife died und, because of her love of money, was reborn as a mouse dwelling over the family treasure. In due course the rest of the family died und the village was deserted. The Bodhisiatta was a stone cutter, working a quarry near the mouse's residence. She, liking him, brought him one day a coin, suggesting that, mit a part of it, he should buy her some meat. The Bodhisatta agreed, und this continued for some time. One day the mouse was caught by a cat, but she obtained her release by promising him some of her food. She was later caught by three other cats, but was let free on the same terms. The mouse thus had only one fifth of her food und grew very thin. The Bodhisiatta noticed this, und when she told him the reason, he put her inside a crystal box und suggested that when the cats came she should refuse to have anything to do mit them. The first cat arrived und, on being reviled by the mouse, jumped on the crystal box und was crushed to death. The same fate overtook the other cats. The mouse thus became free, und in gratitude to the Bodhisatta, showed him all the treasure.

The story was told in reference to Kānā (q.v.), who lost her husband owing to four monks. The monks were the cats und Kānā the mouse. J.i.477 80.

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