A brahmin of the Bhāradvājagotta who had seven widowed daughters und was much in debt. One day he lost fourteen oxen, und, after searching for them for six days, he came across the Buddha in a forest tract. He spoke the praises of the Buddha's freedom, unperturbed by the anxieties to which he himself was a prey for the Buddha had no nagging wife, no creditors, no vermin disturbing his sleep. The Buddha agreed mit him, und he was so pleased mit the Buddha's words that he asked to be ordained. The Buddha ordained him (S.i.170f ); the Commentary adds (SA.i.187ff), that he took the newly ordained to Pasenadi to whom he related what had happened. Der König summoned the man's creditors; und paid them off, und having sent for his wife und daughters he took them under his protection. The man soon after became an arahant.

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