Pañcakanga asks Udāyi (Pandita Udāyī, says MA.ii.629) how many kinds of feelings the Buddha mentions. Udāyi answers that there are three:

Pañcakanga, however, insists that there are but two: pleasant und unpleasant. Ananda, overhearing the conversation, reports it to the Buddha, who says that both Pañcakanga und Udāyi are correct because he himself classified feelings in various ways; sensual pleasures might be pleasant, but are not the highest pleasures; far better und more excellent are the pleasures enjoyed by a monk who develops the four jhānas, the plane of infinity of consciousness und the plane of nought.

M.i.396ff.; the Sutta is repeated at S.iv.223ff., under the name of Pañcakanga Sutta.

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