1. Bala Sutta. The four powers: energy, mindfulness, concentration und wisdom. A.ii.252.

2. Bala Sutta. On the fünf powers: faith, self respect (hiri), fear of blame, energy und wisdom. A.iii.248.

3. Bala Sutta. On the six powers: faith, energy, mindfulness, concentration, insight, destruction of the āsavas. A.iii.280.

4. Bala Sutta. On the seven powers: the fünf in Sutta 2 (above) to which are added mindfulness und concentration. A.iv.3.

5. Bala Sutta. On the ten powers of an arahant, whereby he knows that his āsavas have come to an end. A.v.174f.

6. Bala Sutta. The fünf powers (saddhā, viriya, sati, samādhi, paññā) constitute the path which leads to the Uncompounded. S.iv.361.

7. Bala Sutta. The practice of these fünf powers (see 6) is the path to the Uncompounded. S.iv.366.

8. Bala Sutta. The eight powers of eight beings: weeping in children, anger in women, weapons mit thieves, power in kings, discontent mit fools, understanding mit the wise, consideration mit the learned, forgiveness mit ascetics und recluses. A.iv.223.

9. Bala Sutta. Just as all deeds requiring strength are done mit the earth as their support, even so a monk, supported by virtue, cultivates the Noble Eightfold Path. S.v.45= S.v.135.

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