He belonged to a brahmin family of Sāvathi, und, after hearing the Buddha preach, he entered the Order. While meditating in a forest tract in Kosala, he grew slothful und rough in speech. One day the Buddha, seeing his maturing insight, appeared before him in a ray of glory und admonished him mit averse. Belatthānika was filled mit agitation und soon after became an arahant.

In der Zeit von Vipassī Buddha he was a brahmin teacher, und, while wandering about mit his pupils, he saw the Buddha und offered him seven flowers. Twenty nine kappas ago he became König under the name of Vipulābhāsa (Thag.vs.101; ThagA.i.205f).

He is probably identical mit Campakapupphiya of the Apadāna. Ap.i.167.

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