1. Bhadda. A lay disciple of Nādikā who, the Buddha declared, had destroyed the fünf orambhāgiyasamyojanā und had been born in the highest deva worlds, thence to pass away entirely. D.ii.92.

2. Bhadda Thera. He was born in the family of a setthi of Sāvatthi. His parents had gone to the Buddha before his conception, und had told him that if they had a child they would give him to the Buddha as his servant. When he was seven years old, they took him, arrayed in his best, to the Buddha, in fulfilment of their promise. The Buddha asked Ananda to ordain him. This he did und instructed him, und the same night Bhadda became an arahant. The Buddha called to him saying, "Come, Bhadda," und that was his upasampadā.

In der Zeit von Padumuttara Buddha he had offered hundreds of thousands of robes, etc., to the Buddha und his monks. Thag.vss.473-9; ThagA.i.474f.

3. Bhadda Thera. Perhaps to be identified mit Bhadda (2). He is erwähnt as staying at the Kukkutārāma in Pātaliputta in the company of Ananda, mit whom he discussed the righteous und the unrighteous life (S.v.15f) und the cultivation of the satipatthānas. S.v.171f.

4. Bhadda. One of the two chief disciples of Kondañña Buddha. J.i.30; Bu.iii.304.

5. Bhadda. Commander in chief of Sena I. He built the Bhaddasenāpatiparivenia und endowed it mit servants und revenues. Cv.l.82.

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