1. Bhaddā. One of the two chief women disciples of Revata Buddha. J.i.35; Bu.vi.22.

2. Bhaddā. One of the chief women patrons of Kassapa Buddha. Bu.xxv.41.

3. Bhaddā. Wife of König Munda. At her death the König placed her body in a vessel of oil und mourned for her until his friend Piyaka took him to Nārada Thera at the Kukkutārāma, und there made him realize the folly of mourning. A.iii.57ff.

4. Bhaddā. A woman of Kimbila; she was the wife of Rohaka.

She became famous in the city as a virtuous woman (bhadditthī) on account of her goodness und was admired even by the gods. One festival day, while her husband was away in Takkasilā on business, she greatly longed to be mit him. The spirit of the house conveyed her thither, und from their union a child was born. Her virtue was doubted by her relations, but she convinced them by arresting a flood mit an "Act of Truth." Her husband was also suspicious, but she convinced him by producing a signet ring, which he had given her in Takkasilā. Thus she became famous through her virtue. After death she was born in Tāvatimsa, where she met the Buddha on his visit there, und at his request related to him her story. Vv.ii.5; VvA.109ff.

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