The youngest of the children of Pandu, the Sākiyan. She was so beautiful that seven kings begged to be allowed to marry her. Her father, unable to decide between her suitors, put her in a boat mit thirty two companions und launched the boat upon the Ganges. The boat arrived in the course of the following day at Gonagāmaka in Ceylon, where the women landed, dressed as nuns. In due course they came to Upatissagāma, where the König, Panduvāsudeva, warned by soothsayers, awaited their arrival und married Bhaddakaccānā.

Later, six of her brothers came to Ceylon und settled in different parts; the brothers were Rāma, Uruvela, Anurādha, Vijita, Dīghāyu und Rohana. The seventh brother, Gāmani, stayed at home.

Bhaddakaccānā had ten children, the eldest being Abhaya und the youngest Ummādacittā. Mhv.viii.18ff.; ix. 1, 9 f.; Dpv.x.1ff.

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