When the Buddha, at Jetavana, laid down the rule that monks should eat one meal a day und that in the morning, Bhaddāli protested und refused to keep this rule because he said that, in so eating, he would be a prey to scruples und misgivings. For three months he avoided the Buddha, until, just before the Buddha was starting on a journey, Bhaddāli, acting on the advice of his fellow monks, confessed his fault to the Buddha und begged for forgiveness (M.i.437ff). The Buddha praised this action und preached to him the Bhaddāli Sutta (q.v.).

It is said (MA.ii.648) that, in a previous birth, Bhaddāli had been a crow, therefore in this life he was always hungry und was known among his fellows as the Great Eater (Mahāchātaka).

Thirty kappas ago he met Sumedha Buddha in the forest, wrapt in meditation, und, having tidied the place where the Buddha was sitting, he erected over him a pavilion. Ap.ii.365f.

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