Nephew of Dīghajantu.  

He received a message from Elāra, in consequence of which he landed at Mahātittha in Ceylon mit sixty tausend men, only to find that Elāra was dead und had been cremated seven days earlier. Bhalluka thereupon marched on Anurādhapura und pitched his camp at Kolambahālaka. Dutthagāmani marched against him, und a battle took place in the precincts of the Mahāvihāra. Bhalluka shot an arrow at the König, und, believing that it had pierced his mouth, set up a great shout, but Phussadeva, who was seated on Kandula immediately behind the König, shot at Bhalluka, who thereupon fell dead prostrate at the feet of the König. Mhv.xxv.77ff.

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