A seaport in the country of Bharu (J.iv.137).

Mention is made of merchants going by sea from there to Suvannabhūmi (z.B., J.iii.188). Bharukaccha was the residence of Vaddhamātā Therī (ThigA.171) und Malitavambha Thera (ThagA.i.211).

In the Mahā-niddesa (MNid.i.155; see also Mil.331), Bharukaccha is erwähnt in a list of places to which men went for trade. Vijaya lived there for three months before sailing for Ceylon. Dpv.ix.26; the Dvy. (586) says the city was founded by Bhiru, one of the three people who escaped from the kingdom of Sikhandi, the parricide ruler of Sauvīra, when this was destroyed by a heavy fall of sand, following on the murder of Rudrāyana, König of Roruka. Bharukaccha is, according to this account, a corruption of Bhīrukaccha (Marsh of Bhiru). But Brahmanized tradition ascribes its foundation to the sage Bhrgu. It is identical mit Barygaza of Ptolemy und the Periplus of the Erythrean Sea.

Bharukaccha is the modern Broach in Kathiawar. The people of Bharukaccha are called Bharukacchakā. z.B., DhSA.305.

2. Bharukaccha. A park in Ceylon laid out by Parakkamabāhu I. Cv.lxxix.11.

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