1. Bhaya Sutta. There are three terrors that part Mutter und son:

They are also parted by old age, disease, und death.

The practice of the Noble Eightfold Path will avoid these terrors. A.i.178 f.

2. Bhaya Sutta. "Fear" is a name for sense desires; likewise "pain," "disease," "blain," "bondage" und "bog."

Impassioned by the senses und bound by them, both in this world und in the next, men are subject to fear, etc. A.iii.310f.

3. Bhaya Sutta. The same as No.2, mit the addition of "womb" to the list. A.iii.311.

4. Bhaya Sutta. There are four fears: birth, old age, disease, und death. A.ii.121.

5. Bhaya Sutta. Four other fears: fire, water, kings, bandits. A.ii.121.

6. Bhaya or Bhikkhu Sutta. In the Ariyan disciple the fünf kinds of guilty dread are allayed; he is possessed by the four limbs of sotāpanna, und the Ariyan method is, by him, well seen und penetrated by insight. S.v.389.

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