Jānussoni visits the Buddha at Jetavana und asks him how it is that young men who have left the world under him should be able to live in solitude, in the depths of the forest, a joyless life. The Buddha answers that while yet a Bodhisatta he was assailed by the same doubts. Fear comes only to him whose heart is filled mit desire und longing, und who is restless, witless, und drivelling.

But the man, who is pure, resolute, und free from corruptions of the heart, lives in confidence in the forest und develops the jhānas. The Buddha then describes how he passed through these stages of development before becoming the Enlightened One (M.i.16ff).

This sutta contains an account of the "threefold lore" (tisso vijjā) of the Buddha (see Sp.i.116) und praises of the Saranā (Refuges) (Sp.i.172).

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