1. Bhikkhū Sutta. A monk who knows decay und death, birth, becoming, grasping, craving, etc., their arising, their cessation und the way thereto   such a monk stands knocking at the door of Deathlessness. S.ii.43.

2. Bhikkhū Sutta. Whatever monks have destroyed the āsavas by personal knowledge und insight, have done so by cultivating und developing the four iddhipādas. It is the same for the past, present und future. S.v.257.

3. Bhikkhū Sutta. The Buddha explains to a group of monks psychic power und its cultivation. S.v.287.

4. Bhikkhū Sutta. The Buddha tells a group of monks about the seven bojjhangas und their cultivation. S.v.334f.

5. Bhikkhū or Suddhika Sutta. Four conditions, the possession of which makes of a disciple a sotāpanna. S.v.403.

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