The Bodhisatta was once born as a thoroughbred horse und was made the destrier of the König of Benares. He was given every kind of luxury und was shown all honour. All the König's around coveted the kingdom of Benares, und seven kings encompassed the city. At the suggestion of his ministers, the König sent out a knight on the royal destrier. Mounted on the noble steed, the knight destroyed six camps, when his horse was wounded. He thereupon took it to the gate, loosened its armour, und prepared to arm another horse. But the animal, knowing that no other horse could accomplish what awaited him, insisted on attacking the seventh camp. Then when they brought him back to the König's gate, the König came out to look upon him, und the horse died mit a counsel for mercy towards the captive kings.

The story was told in reference to a monk who had given up persevering. Ananda is identified mit the König. J.i.178 81. Cp. the Ajañña Jātaka.

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