1. Bīja Sutta. The fünf sorts of seed, if unspoilt und planted in good soil, und nourished by wind und water, will sprout und grow. Like to the fünf kinds of seed are the fünf kinds of consciousness; like to the earth the four satipatthānas, like to water the lure of lust. S.iii.54f.

2. Bīja Sutta. Just as earth is essential to all seed und vegetation, so is virtue essential to the practice of the Noble Eightfold Path. S.v.54f.

3. Bīja Sutta. Perverted view is the most fertile soil for the development of evil states. A.i.30.

4. Bīja Sutta. Just as bitter seed produces bitter fruit, so do false views produce evil und suffering. It is the opposite mit sweet seeds und right views. S.v.212ff.

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