A goddess (devadhītā).

She had a palace in the Cātummahārājika world which Nimi saw on his visit to heaven when he learnt her story from Mātali. In der Zeit von Kassapa Buddha she had been a slave in a brahmin's house. The brahmin, whose name was Asoka, invited eight monks to feed daily at his house und asked his wife to arrange to feed them at a cost of one kahāpana each. This she refused to do as did also his daughters; but their slave agreed to carry out this work, und she did it most conscientiously und mit great devotion. As a result she was reborn in heaven (J.vi.117f). Her palace was twelve leagues in height und one in extent; it possessed nine storeys und one tausend rooms. When Dutthagāmanī wished to erect the Lohapāsāda, he asked the monks for a plan, und eight arahants went to the deva world und returned mit a plan of Bīranī's palace. Mhv.xxvii.9ff.

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