Once Brahmadatta, König of Benares, captured Kosala mit its König, und brought all its treasures to Benares, where he buried them in iron pots in the royal park. Chatta, the Kosala König's son, escaped, und became an ascetic near Takkasilā mit a following of fünf hundert. Later he came mit his followers to Benares, won the heart of the König by his demeanour, und lived in the royal park. There, by means of a spell, he discovered the buried treasure, und taking his followers into his confidence, took the treasure to Sāvatthi und made the city impregnable. When Brahmadatta discovered his loss und its results, he was disconsolate, but was comforted by his minister, who was the Bodhisatta, und who pointed out to him that Chatta had but taken what belonged to him.

The story was told in reference to a knavish monk, identified mit Chatta. J.iii.115ff.

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