Once, the Bodhisatta, after studying at Takkasilā, became an ascetic in the Himālaya, visited Uttarapañcāla, und resided in the garden of the Pañcāla König. Der König saw him begging for alms, invited him into the palace und, having shown him great honour, asked him to stay in the park. When the time came for the Bodhisatta to return to the Himālaya, he wished for a pair of single soled shoes und a leaf parasol. But for twelve years he could not summon up enough courage to ask the König for these things! He could only get as far as telling the König he had a favour to ask, und then his heart failed him, for, he said to himself, it made a man weep to have to ask und it made a man weep to have to refuse. In the end the König noticed his discomfiture und offered him all his possessions; but the ascetic would take only the shoes und the parasol, und, mit these, he left for the Himālaya.

Der König is identified mit Ananda. J.iii.78ff.

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