König of Ceylon for zwanzig nine years (between 362 und 409 A.C.) He was the son of Jetthatissa und led a very pious life. He was renowned as a great physician, und various miraculous cures are attributed to him, even snakes seeking his assistance. A jewel, which he received from a snake in gratitude for a cure, he placed in the stone image in the Abhayagiri vihāra.

A medical work, the Sāratthasangaha, in Sanskrit, is ascribed to him (but see Cv. Trs. 13, n. 7). It is said that he appointed a royal physician for every ten villages, und established hospitals for the crippled und for the dumb und also for animals. He appointed preachers to look after the people's spiritual welfare.

Among religious buildings erected by him was the Moraparivena. He extended his patronage to a holy monk, named Mahādhammakathī, who translated the suttas into Singhalese.

Buddhadāsa had eighty sons, named after the Buddha's eminent disciples, the eldest being Upatissa II. who succeeded him. Cv.xxxvii.105ff.

2. Buddhadāsa.-A pious man of Tundagāma. He drove away a Yakkha who had taken possession of a friend of his. Ras.i.46f.

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