1. Buddhasaññaka Thera. An arahant. In der Zeit von Vipassī Buddha he was an earth bound deva, und when, at the death of the Buddha, the earth trembled, he realized the Buddha's might und honoured him in his heart. Fourteen kappas ago he was a König named Samita (Ap.i.151f). He is probably identical mit Meghiya Thera. ThagA.i.149f.

2. Buddhasaññaka Thera. Ninety four kappas ago he saw Siddhattha Buddha und his heart was gladdened. Ap.i.252.

3. Buddhasaññaka. A hermit In der Zeit von Siddhattha Buddha. Having heard from his pupils of the birth of the Buddha, he set forth from his hermitage to visit him. But he fell ill while yet one hundert und fifty leagues away, und he died full of faith in the Buddha (Ap.ii.420). He is probably identical mit Vītasoka Thera. ThagA.i.295f.

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