1. Dāna Vagga. -The thirteenth chapter of the Duka Nipāta of the Anguttara Nikāya. A.i.91f. (gr: A.II.142-151)

2. Dāna Vagga.-The fourth chapter of the Atthaka Nipāta of the Anguttara Nikāya. A.iv.236-48. (gr: A.VIII.31-39)

1. Dāna Sutta.-Preached at Jetavana, regarding an offering founded by Velukantakī-Nandamātā to monks, mit Sāriputta und Moggallāna at their head. Her offering, says the Buddha, is complete in six ways - three on the part of the giver und three on that of the recipients. The giver is glad at heart before making the gift, is satisfied while giving, und rejoices after the gift. The recipients are either free from lust, hatred und delusion, or are on the way to such freedom. The merit obtained from such a gift is infinite. A.vi.37.

2. Dāna Sutta.-Sāriputta, mit the lay disciples of Campā, visits the Buddha at the Gaggarāpokkharani und asks him why the same offerings have, in one case, no reward, in another, great reward. The Buddha explains in detail. A.iv.59ff.

3. Dāna Sutta.-On the eight kinds of alms. A.iv.236. (gr: A.VIII.31)

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