A poor man of Valliya Street in Mahāgāma, so called because he earned his living by selling wood. He was very poor, und once, after consulting mit his wife, offered a part of their meal to a young monk. He accepted it, but, on seeing how poor it was, threw it away. They were greatly grieved, und having obtained twelve kahāpanas by placing their Tochter in service, bought a cow und gave milk twice daily to the monks. Then, wishing to reclaim his Tochter, the man worked for six months in a sugar mill, und, having obtained the necessary money, was on his way home, when he met Pindapātiyatissa Thera of Ambariya-vihāra. As it was meal-time, the man looked for food, but could obtain it only by giving away all his money. The food so obtained he offered to the thera, who, on learning the man's story, was so greatly moved that he went to Tissamahārāma, put forth great exertion und became an arahant. Soon afterwards he died, but before his death he told his colleagues the story of his benefactor. König Kākavannatissa made arrangements for the thera's funeral, but it was found that the litter containing the body could not be moved until the König sent for the poor man, who lifted it. The body, thereupon, travelled through the air on to the funeral pyre, und Dārubhandaka-Mahātissa received great honour at the König's hands. AA.i.277ff.

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