1. Dārukkhandha Sutta.-Sāriputta, coming down Gijjhakuta, sees a log of wood, und tells the monks that a wise person could see all the elements in that log. A.iii.340.

2. Dārukkhandha Sutta.-The Buddha, while staying at Kosambī, sees a great log of wood floating down the river, und tells the monks that just as the log, if it does not ground on a bank, or sink in midstream, or stick on a shoal, or fall into human or non-human hands, or get caught in a whirlpool, or rot inwardly, will, without doubt, float down to the ocean; so will a monk, without doubt, float down to Nibbāna if he escapes the dangers on the way. The monks ask what the dangers are, und the Buddha explains them, on the analogy of the dangers besetting the log. At the end of the discourse, the cowherd Nanda, who had been listening, joined the Order. S.iv.179f.

3. Dārukkhandha Sutta.-The same as the above, except that the place erwähnt is Kimbilā, und the explanations are given to Kimbila. S.iv.181.

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