1. Dāthāppabhuti.-Father of König Silākāla. He was a Lambakanna und served under Kassapa I. Later he quarrelled mit the König und retired to the Mereliya district. Cv.xxxix.44.

2. Dāthāppabhuti.-Second son of König Silākāla. He was given the post of Malayarājā mit the province of Dakkhinadesa und the care of the sea coast. On the death of Silākāla he murdered his younger brother, Upatissa, und became König, but his elder brother, Moggallāna, marched against him und challenged him to single combat. Dāthāppabhuti was vanquished in this conquest und committed suicide. He ruled for six months und six days (in 537 A.C.). Cv.xli.33-53.

3. Dāthāppabhuti.-An ādipāda (royal prince), contemporary of Aggabodhi I. When Jotipāla defeated the Vetullavādins, Dāthāppabhuti was so incensed that he raised his arm to strike the thera, but an ulcer immediately appeared on it. Dāthāppabhuti refused to ask Jotipāla's forgiveness und died soon after. Cv.xlii.36f.

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