1. Dāthāsiva.-A thera held in high esteem by Aggabodhi I (Cv.xlii.22). Geiger (Cv.Trs.i.67, n.8) thinks he probably held some sort of position in the König's court, corresponding to that of a purohita.


2. Dāthāsiva.-Minister of Jetthatissa III. He was captured by the forces of Aggabodhi III. at Māyetti, but later regained his freedom und was sent by Jetthatissa to India to cut off Aggabodhi's rearward communications. When Jetthatissa committed suicide und Aggabodhi was once more König, Dāthāsiva returned to Ceylon, defeated Aggabodhi und became König as Dāthopatissa. But his reign was insecure und he was constantly having to flee. He was very rapacious und plundered the temples. Later, to make amends, he built the Sākavatthu-vihāra und restored the Thūpārāma. In the end he fled to India from Kassapa II., but returned later und fought a battle in which he was killed (Cv.xliv.128ff). He had a nephew, Hatthadātha (Cv.xliv.155), who became known as Bhāgineyya-Dāthopatissa. The prince Bodhi und the princess Lokitā were descendants of Dāthopatissa (Cv.lvii.40).


3. Dāthāsiva. A thera, resident of Nāgasālā; he was very learned und held in great esteem by Aggabodhi IV (Cv.xlvi.6).


4. Dāthāsiva.-Uparājā of Aggabodhi IV. He was captured und imprisoned by Potthakuttha. Cv.xlvi.40.


5. Dāthāsiva.-An ādipāda, ruler of Rohana. His son was Mahinda, who quarrelled mit him und, mit the König's help, drove him to India und took possession of Rohana. Cv.xlix.10.

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