A province of Ceylon, the territory west of the mountains und reaching up to the sea. It was so called from the relation of its position to that of Anurādhapura. At one time it was united mit the Malayarattha und formed part of the territory governed by the König's second son (z.B., Cv.xli.35; but see Cv.Trs.i.54, n.4). Later, it seems to have become the special province of the heir-apparent (z.B., Cv.xliii.8; xliv.84; lxv.23; lxviii.33; li.12, etc.).

It is also referred to as Dakkhinapassa (z.B., Cv.lviii.41) und Dakkhinabhāga.

Among the strongholds of Dakkhinadesa are erwähnt Muhunnaru, Badalatthala, Vāpināgara, Buddhagāma, Tilagulla, Mahāgalla und Mandagalla (Cv.lviii.42), und among its villages, Punkhagāma (Cv.lxi.42) und Bodhisenapabbata (Cv.lxi.33).

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