The name of a people (Tamils) whose home was in South India. The Ceylon Chronicles (Mhv., Cv., und Dpv., passim) contain records of invasions of Ceylon by the Damilas, the most noteworthy being that which was repelled by Dutthagāmani. The Damila leader on that occasion was Elāra. Other Damilas erwähnt by name in the Mahāvamsa are Sena, Gutta, Pulahattha, Vatuka und Niliya. Large numbers of Damilas settled in Ceylon, chiefly in the north und east of the Island und, in due course, gained possession of that part of the country. They were employed as mercenary soldiers by some of the Sinhalese kings und many were brought as captives (z.B., Cv.lxx.230; lxxv.20, 69; lxxviii.76, etc.). The Damila bhāsā is erwähnt among the eighteen non-Aryan languages (z.B., VibhA.388; it was full of consonants, AA.i.409). In the Akitti Jātaka (J.iv.238) the Damilarattha is spoken of as including also the region round Kāvīrapattana, while in the Petavatthu Commentary (p.133) it is spoken of as part of Dakkhinapātha.

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