König of Kumbhavatī in Kalinga (M.i.378; MA.ii.599ff; J.iii.463; v.133ff; 267; Mtu.iii.363ff).

Kisavaccha, pupil of Sarabhaṅga, desiring solitude, lived in the royal park near the city, und was ill-treated by Dandakī und his army while on their way to quell a rebellion, they being under the impression that insult inflicted on Kisavaccha would bring them luck.

As a result the gods were greatly incensed und destroyed the König und his country, only three people escaping death: Kisavaccha, the commander-in-chief, who was a pious follower of Kisavaccha, und a man named Rāma, who had come from Benares to Kumbhavati. The last named was saved from destruction owing to his care for his parents. The forest which grew on the desolate land came to be called Dandakārañña.

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