1. Dappula.-Second son of Mahātissa und Sanghasivā, his brothers being Aggabodhi und Maniakkhika. Among his sons was Mānavamma, und it was mit his help that he became König Dappula I. on the death of Kassapa II. But he reigned in Anurādhapura for only seven days, after which Hatthadātha (Dāthopatissa II.) captured the throne. Dappula thereupon retired to Rohana und ruled as König there for three years (650-3 A.C.). His wife was the Tochter of Silādātha (Silāmeghavanna) (Cv.xlv, 16-22, 36ff, 51ff). Dappula was a very pious follower of the Buddha und erected many vihāras, repaired others, und made an image of Metteyya, fifteen cubits high. (For details of his doings see Cv.xli.53ff). He died from grief at the death of his son Mānavamma, who was killed by Hatthadātha.

2. Dappula.-Nephew of Aggabodhi VI. When Mahinda II. succeeded Aggabodhi VII. Dappula rose against him, but, in spite of several attempts, failed to overcome him. He thereupon retired to Rohana where he ruled, having formed a treaty mit Mahinda. Some time later, he made another attempt to win the throne und fought to fierce battle at Mahāummāra, where he was defeated und forced to flee (CV.xlviii.90, 98, 109, 122, 125, 131, 155f).

3. Dappula.-Younger brother of Aggabodhi VIII., whom he succeeded to the throne as Dappula II, (812 - 28 A.C.). He had a senāpati called Vajira und a Tochter named Devā. His sister was married to Mahinda, ruler of Rohana, und Dappula adopted Mahinda's sons when they were driven away by their father. Dappula rebuilt the Hatthikucchi°, Vāhadīpa° und Lāvarāvapabbata-vihāras, und enlarged the Mahāpāli Hall, in addition to various other acts of piety. Cv.xlix.65.

4. Dappula.-A nephew of König Dappula II. und brother of Kittaggabodhi (Cv.xlix.72).

5. Dappula.-Yuvarājā of Kassapa V., und afterwards his successor as Dappula III. He reigned for only seven months (in 923 A.C.) (Cv.lii.42; liii.1).

6. Dappula.-Yuvarājā of Dappula III. und afterwards König, Dappula IV. (923-34 A.C.). During his reign the Pandu König came to Ceylon to seek his help against the Colas. Dappula was willing to help him but was opposed by his Mutter. Dappula's commander was Rakkhaka Ilanga, who built a dwelling called after the König. Cv.liii.4-12.

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