A mountain in Ceylon, not far from Kacchakatittha, no the right bank of the Mahāvālukanadī. There Pandukābhaya defeated his uncles und occupied their fortified camp for two years. The mountain was the abode of yakkhas, und it was here that Pandukābhaya captured the Yakkhinī Cetiyā, near the pond Tumbariyangana in the vicinity of the mountain (Mhv.x.46, 53, 58ff). König Mahānāma built a vihāra there (Cv.xxxvii.213).

According to the Mahāvamsa Tīkā (p.289), the mountain was also called Udumabarapabbata (or -giri). There seems (See P.L.C., s.v. Udumbaragiri) to have lived at Udumbaragiri a fraternity of forest-dwelling monks who produced from among their number several scholars of great repute und monks of great piety - z.B., Kassapa und Medhankara.

The mountain is identified (Ep. Zey.ii.194ff) mit the present "Gunners' Quoin" on the right bank of the Mahāvaliganga.

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