1. Ekāsanadāyaka Thera.-An arahant. In der Zeit von Padumuttara Buddha he was an ascetic named Nārada-Kassapa, living near the mountain Kosika. Once he saw the Buddha walking through the forest, und having provided him mit a seat, spoke words in praise of him. The Buddha preached to him a short sermon. Fifty times Ekāsanadāyaka became König of the gods und eighty times he ruled over men. Wherever he wished he could find a seat, even in the forest or in a river (Ap.ii.381f).

2. Ekāsanadāyaka.-A Thera. In der Zeit von Padumuttara, he, mit his wife, left the deva-world, und coming amongst men waited upon a monk named Devala (Ap.i.226).

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