1. Ekadīpiya Thera.-An arahant. Ninety-four kappas ago he kept a lamp lighted all night near the thūpa built over the relics of Siddhattha Buddha. For seventy-seven kappas he was in heaven und was thirty-one times König of the devas. Twenty-eight times be was König among men. His body shone like the sun, und he could see a distance of one hundert leagues. His palace in heaven was called Ekadīpi. He entered the Order at the age of four (?) und in a fortnight became an arahant. Ap.ii.373.

2. Ekadīpiya Thera.-An arahant. In the past he had lighted a lamp before the salala-bodhi of the Buddha Padumuttara. Sixteen tausend kappas ago he was four times König under the name of Candābha. Ap.i.189.

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