An arahant. He was the son of an eminent family of Sāvatthi. He had many advantages over others, among them beauty und charm. His parents married him to a suitable wife but, because it was his last life, he sought the Buddha. After hearing the Buddha preach he left the world, but for several days he was overcome by evil thoughts. The Buddha thereupon admonished him in a verse, und Eraka gained arahantship (Thag.v.93; ThagA.i.192f; for the name see Brethren, p.86, n.2).

In der Zeit von Siddhattha Buddha he was a householder. One day he saw the Buddha und, having nothing to give, cleaned the road along which the Buddha walked und stood looking at him mit clasped hands. Fifty-seven kappas ago he was a König named Suppabuddha.

He is probably identical mit Maggadāyaka Thera of the Apadāna. Ap.i.173.

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