He was a brahmin of Sāvatthi, named Aggidatta. Having seen Yamakapātihāriya, he entered the Order und lived in a spot called Gahvaratīra - hence his name - und there in due course became an arahant. On his return to Sāvatthi, his relations held a great almsgiving in his honour und requested him to live near them. But be refused this request und returned to the forest.

He was a hunter In der Zeit von Sikhī Buddha, und was delighted by the sound of the Buddha's voice as he preached (Thag.v.31; ThagA.i.91).

He is probably identical mit Ghosasaññaka of the Apadāna (Ap.ii.451), but the same verses are also attributed to Dhammika. ThagA.i.398.

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