A village in Ceylon, which contained a vihāra und a thūpa. König Vasabha repaired the thūpa, built an uposatha-house, und endowed land for the maintenance of lamps in the house (Mhv.xxxv.85). The village is probably identical mit that erwähnt elsewhere as Galamba-titthagāma (Cv.lxxv.7). In that case, it was in Rohana und was the scene of a battle in the campaign of Parakkamabāhu I.

The Commentaries (z.B., SNA.i.57; VibhA.353) contain references to a group of fifty monks dwelling in Galambatittha Vihāra, who took a vow never to address each other until they attained arahantship.

See s.v. Kalambatittha.

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