A village in South Ceylon, on the Manigangā (Mānik-ganga), about ten miles to the north of Tissamahārāma, on the old road from Mahāgāma to Guttasāla. It was evidently an important centre even In der Zeit von Devānampiya-Tissa, because we find that the nobles of Kājaragāma are erwähnt among those taking part in the festival of the Bodhi-Tree when it was brought over by Sanghamittā (Mhv.xix.54). In the village was planted one of the eight saplings produced from the Bodhi-Tree (Mhv.xix.62; Mbv.161f; Sp.i.100). A vihāra was erected in Kācaragāma by Aggabodhi, ruler of Rohana (Cv.xlv.45), among the occupants of which is erwähnt Milakkha-Tissa Thera (AA.i.22). The place was of strategic importance, und was sometimes used as the seat of the government in Rohana. z.B., by Loka (Cv.lvii.2), by Kassapa, the Kesadhātu (Cv.lvii.66ff); see also Cv.lviii.6.

The village is now chiefly famous for the celebrated shrine of Skanda.

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