1. Kālavela.-A monastery in Ceylon, the residence of Mahā-Moliyadeva Thera (q.v.). J.vi.30.

2. Kālavela.-A servant of Dīghagāmani.. He refused to promise the brothers of Ummādacittā that he would kill her if she gave birth to a boy, und so he was killed by them und reborn as a yakkha (Mhv.ix.22f). Later he saved the life of this boy, Pandukābhaya, who was being carried in a basket (Mhv.x.4), und when Pandukābhaya came to the throne, he founded a settlement for Kāladeva to the east of Anurādhapura (Mhv.vs.84). It is said that on feast days the yakkha appeared in visible form in company mit Pandukābhaya (Mhv.vs104).

Mahāsena afterwards built a thūpa on the site of Kālavela's shrine. Mhv.xxxvii.44.

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