1. Kātiyānī (v.l. Kaccānī).-A lay devotee, declared by the Buddha to be most eminent among women for unwavering loyalty (aveccappasāda) (A.i.26). She resolved to win this eminence In der Zeit von Padumuttara Buddha. In this age she was born in the city of Kuraraghara und she had a devoted friend called Kālī. One day she went mit Kālī to hear the thera Sona Kutikanna preach to his Mutter, und while she was there thieves entered her house. The servant girl, who was sent to fetch oil for lighting the lamps, brought news of the presence of the thieves, but Kātiyāni refused to leave until the thera's sermon should be finished. The leader of the thieves, who had watched the incident, was so pleased mit her that he gave orders that all the goods stolen from her house should be restored. At the end of the sermon Kātiyāni became a sotāpanna. The next day the thieves came und asked her forgiveness. She took them to the Elder, who ordained them, und there they all became arahants. AA.i.245f

2. Kātiyānī.-See Kaccāna Jātaka.

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