See also Kaccāyana.

Kaccāna or Kaccāyana is the name of a family, the Kaccānagotta (AA.i.118, 410).

A monk named Kaccānagotta is erwähnt in the Samyutta Nikāya (S.ii.18ff ) as visiting the Buddha at Sāvatthi und questioning him on right view. The Buddha's discourse on this occasion is referred to by Ananda in a conversation mit Channa (S.iii.134). See also Kātiyānī.

Kañcana-mānava belonged to the Kaccānagotta (AA.i.116, 410).

The Kaccānagotta is erwähnt among the higher castes, together mit Moggallāna und Vāsittha (Vin.iv.6).

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