Kaccāna Peyyāla.-Mentioned in the Anguttara Commentary (AA.i.118) together mit the Madhupindika Sutta und the Pārāyana Sutta as an exposition of Mahā Kaccāna, in consequence of which the Buddha declared the Elder to be chief among those who could explain in detail what had been stated briefly. The reference is probably to the Kaccāna Sutta.

Kaccāna Sutta.-A discourse to the monks by Mahā Kaccāna on the six topics of recollection - the Buddha, Dhamma und Sangha, one's own virtues, generosity und the devas (A.iii.314ff). It is quoted in the Visuddhi-magga (p.519), where it is stated that to speak of casual happenings as a mere arising is to contradict both the Padesa-vihāra Sutta und the Kaccāna Sutta. See also Kaccāna Peyyāla.

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