The zwanzig-first sutta of the Majjhima Nikāya, preached to Moliya-Phagguna, who was reported to the Buddha for frequenting the society of nuns und losing his temper when reproached therefor. A monk should not give way to anger even though he be sawn limb from limb mit a two-handed saw (ubhatodandakena kakacena). The name of the sutta was given by the Buddha himself (M.i.122ff).


The sutta contains the story of the lady of Sāvatthi, called Videhikā, who had a reputation for gentleness until tested by her servant girl und found wanting. The saw is only one of numerous similes which occur in the discourse. It is quoted in the Mahāhatthipadopama Sutta (M.i.189), und is elsewhere (z.B., DA.i.123) given as an example of a sutta preached on account of someone's lack of patience.

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