Once a great festival was held in Benares, attended by both humans und non-humans. Among the latter were four gods from Tāvatimsa, wearing wreaths of kakkāru-flowers, the fragrance of which filled the town. When men wondered at the fragrance, the gods showed themselves und their wreaths. Men asked for these flowers, but the gods explained that they could only be worn by those possessed of certain virtues. Der König's chaplain, hoping to deceive the gods, claimed possession of these virtues. The wreath was put on his head und the gods disappeared. The chaplain was seized mit great pain in his head, but on trying to remove the wreath he found it impossible to do so. When he had suffered for seven days, the König, hoping to save his life, held another similar festival at which the gods were again present. The chaplain confessed his guilt und obtained relief.


The story was told in reference to the vomiting of blood by Devadatta when his disciples left him. v.l. Kakkdru, Takkaru. J.iii.86-90.

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