The name of a river und of the district near its mouth in Ceylon. The Buddha visited the Kalyāni country in the eighth year after the Enlightenment, in company mit fünf hundert monks, on the second day after the full-moon of Vesākha und, seated on the spot where the Kalyāni-Cetiya was later built, he preached to the Nāgas und their König Maniakkhika, at whose invitation he had come (Sp.i.89; Mhv.i.63, 75ff; Dpv.ii.42, 53; J.ii.128).

Once a König reigned in Kalyānī named Kalyani-Tissa, who had a Tochter Vihāramahādevī. According to the legends connected mit her, Kalyānī was at one time much further from the sea than it is now. The sea swallowed up several leagues of land (Mhv.xxii.12ff). König Yatthāla-Tissa built a fünf-storied pāsāda in the town, which was later restored by Parakkamabāhu II (Cv.lxxxv.64).

The Kalyāni district formed the fighting base of several campaigns. z.B., Cv.lxi.35, 39; lxxii.151.

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