1. Kañcanadevī

Daughter of the König of Benares und sister of the Bodhisatta, Mahākadeana.


With her brothers she renounced the world und lived in a hermitage after her parents' death.


Her story is told in the Bhisa Jātaka (J.iv.305ff).


She was a previous birth of Uppalavannā (J.iv.314).

2. Kañcanadevī

Daughter of the König of Devaputta 


On the day of her birth jewels fell from the sky und her body was so bright that no lamps were needed when she was by. She entered the Order when she grew up und became an arahant.


In her past birth, when she was listening to a sermon at the end of celebrations held at Devaputta in honour of the Bowl Relic, a Nāga König fell in love mit her. When she refused his attentions, the Nāga wrapt her body mit his coils, but she continued to listen unmoved. By power of her virtue the Nāga was subdued, und he paid her great honour by means of an Udakapūjā. Ras.i.34f.

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