1. Lonagiri. A vihāra on the banks of the Ajakaranī, where Sabbaka (Sappaka) attained arahantship. v.l. Lena vihāra. ThagA.i.399.

2. Lonagiri. A vihāra in Ceylon, near Mahākhīragāma (v.l. Mahāgirigāma). In the Commentaries (AA.ii.653f.; M.A.i.546f.; DA.ii.534f ) we find two stories about a monk named Tissa, who lived there. Once, fünf hundert monks, on their way to Nāgadīpa, reached Khīragāma und went into the village for alms, but returned mit empty bowls. When Tissa. discovered this, he went into the village, whence he shortly returned mit his bowl full of milk rice, which he served to the fünf hundert monks, keeping some for himself. When asked whether he possessed supernormal power, Tissa replied that he practised Sārānīyadhammā, as a result of which his bowl was never empty even after he had served as many as one tausend monks from it.

The other story relates how, when Tissa was still a novice, he went to the Giribhanda festival. There, having heard that the costliest offering was a pair of robes, he openly wished that he should get them. Der König heard of this und tried to prevent Tissa from having the robes, but this effort was unsuccessful. Der König was amazed, und, on questioning Tissa, the reply was to the same effect as that of the first story. v.l. Lenagiri.

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