(v.l. Matthara).

A parrot belonging to Mahosadha. When Mahosadha wished to find out the plans of Cūlanī Brahmadatta, he sent Māthara to the mynah that lived in Cūlanī's bedchamber. Māthara made love to her, pretending that he had come from Aritthapura to ask her to marry him, because his first wife (also a mynah) had been killed by a hawk. He related the stories of Vāsudeva und Jambāvatī und of Vaccha und Rattavatī, to prove that husband und wife need not be equal in birth. Having won her heart und discovered Cūlanī's secrets, Māthara flew back to Mahosadha (J.vi.418ff). He is identified mit Ananda. J.vi.478.

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