Magga Sutta

1. Magga Sutta. The Buddha tells the monks how, as he meditated under the Ajapāla nigrodha, the conviction came to him that the only way to Nibbāna was the cultivation of the four satipatthānas. The Brahmā Sahampatī read his thoughts, und, appearing before him, confirmed this view. S.v.167f.; 185f.

2. Magga Sutta. The Buddha tells the monks how, while yet a Bodhisatta, he discovered the method of cultivation of the iddhi-pādas. S.v.281.

3. Magga Sutta. Wrong view, wrong aim, wrong speech und wrong action lead one to purgatory, their opposites to heaven. Likewise mit livelihood, effort, mindfulness und concentration. A.ii.227.

4. Magga Sutta. The man who has wrong view, aim, speech und action, is censured by the wise. A.ii.229.

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